Desktop-as-a-Service a bright future ahead

I have seen the change in technology from physical to virtual, virtual desktop infrastructure has come a long way from when it began. So what is Desktop-as-a-Service or “DaaS” it is virtual desktops hosted by a “cloud” provider, which is based on VDI technology provided as Desktop-as-a-Service which provides a high level of automation and genuine Multitenancy reducing the cost further more. The “cloud” service provider takes full accountability for hosting and maintaining the physical compute, storage and network infrastructure, as well as software and software licenses needed to supply the desktop service at a fixed monthly fee.

Why is there a need for Desktop-as-a-Service, well the overwhelming capabilities that DaaS provides is second to none, let’s say you have a user that had his notebook stolen out of their car. All their data is lost no way of recovering it unless they are a diligent employee and saves their important work documents to a share that is provided which seldom happens.

Never mind the administrative headache of getting a new notebook etc. Well with Desktop-as-a-Service your problem is solved the users data is not on their actual notebook but in the hosted providers secure datacentre and with a checkout feature of the operating system it can be accessed by any smart device with minimal data loss if any, so they can continue working from any available physical desktop or smart mobile device where they left off.

Once you have sourced the employee a new notebook they just logon and are back up and running in minutes no installation of critical working applications and copying of critical work documents if any this could take days.

DaaS, is the best service offering ever introduced by all the big players in the “Cloud” hosting arena, They look after everything beneath the Operating System, all you as an I.T administrator need to do is look after patching and physical pc or notebook maintenance, how great is that……… As well as the great ROI that your CIO will see, you no longer have to replace desktops and laptops every 3 years, you can extend the life span of your desktops for another 2-3 years, or adopt a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy for employees and still keep your data secure at all times.

And when it comes to the TCO its ticks all the boxes, no outlaying of new expensive servers and network switches not to mention the storage that will be key to the success of that environment. Power and datacentre space.

The below snippet is from Tom’s IT Pro and gives you a good overview of the top 3 DaaS providers globally and a comparison, although there are great providers in South Africa:

Comparison of Industry DaaS Leaders-

When considering a DaaS solution, there are a couple of things you need to examine. First, is the hypervisor, which supplies the software platform that runs the virtual machines. The other is the cloud service provider that supplies and mans the cloud running said hypervisor. Hypervisors vary in their capabilities; cloud providers vary in their offerings. Currently, there are three major DaaS providers………


In conclusion every Enterprise and SME organisation should look at investing in DaaS as this is the future of desktop computing. If you are on this journey your future is looking bright if not, you should get a strategy on how to tackle your desktop nightmare and move over to the bliss which is Desktop-as-a-service.