Outcome based Innovation

Getting to what customers really want

Literal voice of the customer does not translate into meaningful inputs. Customer-driven movement has failed to produce the desired results because asking the customer what he wants solicits wrong inputs.

Companies gather requirements however they do this without ever really understanding what types of inputs they need to obtain from customers. Neither does the customer. Customers offer their requirements in a language that is convenient to them but unfortunately not convenient for the creation of breakthrough products.

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Bugs in the source code

Utopia Enterprises – a division of Norris Ltd

Written by Abdur-Rahman Patel

I have recently come across an organisation where all their software, be it COTS or in-house built are free of bugs. Their LAN has quadruple redundancy, it never fails them, not even a single node. They guarantee zero percent downtime on every piece of hardware and software within the organisation and I’m not talking mission critical ones only. They also guarantee zero percent downtime on all external partner systems. Data is always perfectly in sync and up to date across the enterprise. When implementing, their ‘super technicians’ have a 100% record for going into production with the correct configuration across all components. Basically, they never make mistakes. Timeout, LAN latency, slow response? Not in their vocabulary.

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Numbered List of Agile Challenges

In my previous post(Corporate Agile Challenges Demystified), I expressed challenges that large organizations face trying to get Agile Projects off the ground. I eluded to several scenarios based on repetitive patterns I have seen whilst consulting, collaborating and observing.  Below, I unpack the reason South African(not limited to) organizations struggle with Agile Projects in, no order of importance.

PS: Don’t even start a project if you have not even seen The Agile Maifesto(http://agilemanifesto.org/). You may not be able to tick all the boxes at inception but at least understand all of them, adopt most of them and have a plan to address all of them in the future.

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Silver Bullet