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Threat Defence of the Future

As with the rise of Virtualization, many organizations find themselves asking the question “How secure is my data?”

Each time we read a ZDNET Article or Gartner report, there are innovations in technology which expose endpoints in radical ways. Prominent players in the market are bringing forth innovative ways of securing information. But one must ask “How secure is the evident secure?”

I believe evolution in cloud technologies has developed a new market for both consumers and delinquents to share information. The real challenge is ensuring we identify, suspend and correct any malicious behaviours.

This has led me to one decision “Stop all Online Activity”…. No it’s not that scary.

It does mean that we need to be aware of how we transmit and store our data. Ever take the time to read the end user agreement, for that new Free Application you just have to have? Or scroll down and read the Terms and Conditions of the new Plugin on your favourite web browser? I haven’t, but today I find myself reading every piece of technology written, which may or may not directly affect my information and data, successfully affecting my online presence.

So why go through the hassle of reading it all and setting every option set? I failed to read an end user license agreement from a random plugin placed forth by some web app. Suddenly on my smart device I find new pop-ups and requests coming through, my kid calls me and says “Dad there a piece of software popping up on the home laptop”. What I found is that through my Single Sign on and Sync Across all my devices app, is that I had not only exposed my business environment, but also my home environments through 1 Click! I quickly rectified my online-presence access, and proceeded on a quest to “Clear my Name”.

It is evident that the evolution of technology requires an equal and evolving threat defence capability. That which is able to scale, evolve, convert, elevate and expose any loops, and holes within my information stack.

There are service providers out there who offer data leak prevention solutions against web security techniques, and are indeed protecting the day-to-day service providers. There are developments in risk awareness and security which are pushing service providers to go beyond threat defence and look into advanced mechanisms to cope with evolution…

Stay tuned for more on Threat Defence and our views on Security, following into more tips and tools to enable you..