Numbered List of Agile Challenges

In my previous post(Corporate Agile Challenges Demystified), I expressed challenges that large organizations face trying to get Agile Projects off the ground. I eluded to several scenarios based on repetitive patterns I have seen whilst consulting, collaborating and observing.  Below, I unpack the reason South African(not limited to) organizations struggle with Agile Projects in, no order of importance.

PS: Don’t even start a project if you have not even seen The Agile Maifesto( You may not be able to tick all the boxes at inception but at least understand all of them, adopt most of them and have a plan to address all of them in the future.

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“one cannot put their best foot forward, without solid grounding”

We all want the 21 story floor building for our enterprise business one day. We want the “Green Features” where solar panels and light detection systems prevail. My answer to the “want” is foundations, building them up and making sure they can carry your enterprise bus all the way into the green future you desire. Continue reading


Corporate Agile Challenges Demystified

I worked on my first official(recognised as an agile project by Project Stakeholders) Agile project in 2006.  I was an Architect whilst still getting my hands dirty in code, POC’s etc. Leading up to the project, I dabbed with various agile constructs in isolation and was excited to finally have the buy-in at the “right” levels for the project to succeed. Continue reading