“one cannot put their best foot forward, without solid grounding”

We all want the 21 story floor building for our enterprise business one day. We want the “Green Features” where solar panels and light detection systems prevail. My answer to the “want” is foundations, building them up and making sure they can carry your enterprise bus all the way into the green future you desire.

As a Technology Architect, through trend analysis, we see the ever need to revisit the landscape to ensure we meet the future.  That 21 story building has now pushed its way up to the clouds, and unlike Icarus our wings are made of steel and glass so we prepared to go all the way.

What I find difficult is to try and change my foundation once I have reached the 18th Floor of my dream enterprise. So how do I get back to my foundations without compromising the quality of the already built floors? I know! Go sideways and expand the land and construct a new building to meet the existing while pushing upward.  But wait can I really afford that?

Yes I can: If I change my business model but will I get buy in from my peers and stakeholders? What about getting external investors to build my dream for me? Am I actually changing my dream to achieve my dream…..?

I should’ve established my foundations earlier on. I should’ve thought of what it actually takes and more in order to achieve my dream…

This is a peak into every enterprise organization today in South Africa and possibly globally. Many have not built solid foundations. What advice can we offer these enterprises today to help reconstruct small endpoints of their infrastructure to achieve their dreams?

We utilized an auditing framework which helped us identify if our foundations are correct and scorecard our clients, to see if they are ready for the future. What are your dreams and what infrastructure do you require achieving them? If you thinking of opening the proverbial Lemonade Stand in that perfect suburb or the Food Truck that spans from Jozi to New York with Mzansi flavoured Pap & Steak – Do you need a 3G Card or Open Wireless like Always O? Do you need a Shockwave Speaker hooked up to your Phone to play your theme song of your new business?

Solidified infrastructure is pivotal to all business development….and all businesses need to give their best effort in order to succeed…

Stay tuned for some of the base tools all enterprises need to prosper….